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Crossroads - Postgraduate Conference on Space in the Early Modern Period

Friday, September 9th

14:00 Welcome and introduction

14:30 Tatjana Trikic: “I have no word, because no country: / Each place is my habitation”. A spatial reading of Thomas Kyd’s Soliman and Perseda

15:30 Constantin Rieske: The (un)making of a religious self. Conversion in seventeenth-century Europe

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 Jessica Stevenson Stewart: In the cards – gambling merchant sociability and the emblematics of chance in sixteenth-century Antwerp merchant communities

19:00 Dinner

Saturday, September 10th

09:30 Jennifer Bishop: Searching for precious metals in mid-sixteenth-century England and Ireland

10:30 Hannah August: Constructing the reader – the space of the paratext in early modern play quartos

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 Valentina Sebastiani: How books make money. Terms and conditions for printing in sixteenth-century Basel

13:00 Simon Smith: “I see no instruments, nor hands that play, [...] ‘Tis some celestiall rapture of the minde”. Seeing music on the early modern stage

14:00 Résumé – final discussion

14:30 End of conference

Freitag, 09.09.2011
Beginn: 14:00
Ende: 14:30
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