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Amazonian Ecopoetry: Zoophytography as Shamanism

Patricia Vieira

Veranstaltung des FF 2: Kulturwissenschaftliche Anthropozänforschung

Amazonian poetry leads us to question strict distinctions between humans, animals and plants, categories commonly used to structure the Western perception of reality. In Amazonia, non-human beings play a central role in Indigenous, riverine and peasant cosmologies and there is an ongoing commerce between human and non-human life-forms. For local populations, shamanism designates the ability of some humans to adopt the perspective and ways of thinking of non-humans and, therefore, to bring the knowledge of these beings into the human cultural realm. Drawing on the rich traditions of the Amazon River Basin that highlight the porous boundaries between human and non-human life, this talk reflects upon the possibility of considering Amazonian ecopoetry as zoophytography, i.e., as an inscription of animals and plants in human cultural life, and, therefore, as a form of shamanism.

Patricia I. Vieira is Researcher at the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra (Portugal).

Der Vortrag findet via ZOOM statt.

Mittwoch, 25.05.2022
Beginn: 18:00
Ende: 20:00
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