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Fragile Unity of Biblical God, Handle with Care! Cardozo on Unities of God

Mark Gondelman

In this paper two types of unity in Cardozo's texts will be discussed. Cardozo writes on multiple occasions that God's unity is unconditional and indestructible. However, he also writes on how to mend broken Deity and that a lot of effort is required for us to unify God who is in disarray. How (and why?) are these two types of unity present in Cardozo's texts? Which inconsistencies arise from their violent superposition in this early modern intellectual landscape? This will be discussed and Cardozo's connection to Tiqune Zohar (a medieval Jewish mystical and philosophical text) as one of his sources on these two unities.  

Dr. Mark Gondelman ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Seminar für Judaistik

Mittwoch, 06.12.2023
Beginn: 12:00
Ende: 14:00
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