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How History Enters Photography

Thursday, 28 June
15.00-15.30 Welcome and Introduction

15.30-16.30 Elective Affinities? History and Photography – Jens Jäger (Köln)

17.00-19.00 African Photography
Constructing African Imaginary through Photography – Moussa Konaté (Bamako, Mali)
Presentness, Memory, and History in Thabiso Sekgalas Work ”Homeland“ – Marie-Héléne Gutberlet (Frankfurt)
Exploring the Atlantic Visualscape: Photography in West and Central Africa 1840-1890 – Jürg Schneider (Basel, Switzerland)

Friday, 29 June
09.30-11.00 Indonesia through a Colonial and a Migrant Lens
Family Photographs from the Netherlands-Indies: Postcolonial Memory and Nostalgia – Pamela Pattynama (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
The Memorability of Indonesian Colonial Photograph – Paulus Bijl (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

11.30-13.30 Locations of History
Abandoned Battlefields: The Absence of the Historic Moment in Contemporary Photography – Sonja Fessel (Bern, Switzerland)
It's Light, NoTruth – Johannes Hepp (München)
Magnum's Geographies: Toward a Global Sense of Place – Steven D. Hoelscher (Austen, USA)

15.00-17.00 Archive I: Private and Public Dimensions of Family and Wedding Photography
American Fathers – Christoph Ribbat (Paderborn)
Where the Public Meets the Private. Royal Weddings, Photographs and Memories – Jens Ruchatz (Erlangen)
Configuring History: Wedding Photography and the Art of Story Telling – John Nassari (London, UK)

17.30-19.30 Archive II: Intermedial Usage of the Archive
Memory Works: The Art of Daniel Blaufuks – Mark Durden (Newport, UK)
Re-Imagining the Family Album through Literary Adaptation – Sally Waterman (London, UK)
Against Amnesia: Appropriation and/as Ars Memorativa – Verena Kuni (Frankfurt)

Saturday, 30 June
10.00-12.00 Archive III: Visual Archives in an Entangled World
Photographic Collections in Academia – Margit Prussat (Bamberg)
Portraits of Distant Worlds: Frobenius' Pictoral Archive and its Legacy – Richard Kuba (Frankfurt)
How to Use Colonial Photography in Africa Sub-Sahara for Educational and Academic Purposes: The Case of Togo – Kokou Azamede (Lomé, Togo)

12.30-14.00 Final Round Table
Astrid Erll, Sissy Helff, Stefanie Michels, John Nassari

Mittwoch, 27.06.2012
Beginn: 15:00
Ende: 14:00
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